PS3 Repair $99 - Xbox Repair $80 - 36h Turnaround

We can repair your PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Camera, iPhone iPad and other small electronics. When it comes to PlayStation 3 we work on your console. Sony will give you a refurbished console that belongs to someone else and your data will be lost. With us your data is 100% safe. Our greatest advantage is the turnaround. Why wait a month when you can get your console repaired in 1 day. We are the first company to repair PlayStation & Xbox consoles in Massachusetts. We use high end Re-flow Machines that fix 3 red rings, or yellow light of death.

Why Us?

playstation 3We have the best BGA Rework Station in Massachusetts. We work on your console, making sure you get to keep your data. Our Re-Flows last as long as Sony's. Our technicians have been fixing Xbox & PlayStation consoles for over 5 years and have 95% success rate.

xbox360 services MA

We have two stores in MA area. Salem or Saugus stores are both equipped with same machines for reflow. We will do are best to get your console done in 24h. When you drop your console of for repairs, just bring the console alone, no cables or controllers.

blue ray repair

We accept all major credit/debit cards:Vista, Master-Card, American Express, Discover, or PayPal. If you include a check when you ship the console, please make sure the check is made out to "Geeks in Minutes"

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